How to Clean Light Fixtures Before Moving Out of Your Home

Cleaning the light fixtures ensures that your bulbs put out the amount of lumens they should. Also, it keeps the ambiance bright. Cleaning companies in Chicago and everywhere know this. That’s why they offer home and apartment cleaning services to save you so much time!

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So, here is How to Clean Light Fixtures

Be prepared before you start

Cleaning light fixtures will take some time, preparation and the proper tools. You will have to gather the following supplies: soft cloths, plain water, detergent, towels and lamp shades.

Don’t forget about your safety

When cleaning your lights, you’ll want to make sure the power to all of them is off to avoid any risk of shock. Make sure you position your ladder so the feet are flat on the floor to avoid tipping, and move it as needed so you aren’t trying to stretch to reach a fixture.

Know the fixture type of your light fixtures

Different types of fixtures require different care for the best results. So, make sure you’re using the right detergents.

Clean your bulbs for brighter lights

You can safely and effectively clean all bulb types using a dry, soft cloth. Make sure you don’t try to scrub too hard to avoid shattering.

Certain things you shouldn’t do to your light fixtures

Don’t put shades in a dishwasher or washing machine. Doing so will only ruin the shape and the material, and the cleaning solutions can cloud the glass and soldering points.

Help the finishes shine brighter

While most light fixtures can be cleaned with a damp cloth, you can keep brass and painted bases looking great with a solution of mild soap and a cloth. Wipe bases made of metal or brass with a damp cloth. Metal and wood bases also benefit from a quick polish with lemon oil for added luster.

Keep your home bright

The combination of clean bulbs and shades will enhance every room, and you’ll get more light and longer use from your bulbs. Don’t forget that there are many cleaning services that can do it for you!

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