Rentals Cleaning Services and AIRBNB

If you are a property manager or owner who wants to rent, we know that this can be a task that consumes a lot of your time, so hiring a rental cleaning services is the best option. Because cleaning is a vital task anywhere, especially in houses or apartments where it is constant the transit of different people.

At Insta Cleaning we offer cleaning solutions to meet all your needs. You should only contact us and choose from our wide variety of cleaning services for your property, our professionals will ensure you provide a complete, professional and quality service before or after your property is rented.

Vacation Rental Cleaning Services

Insta Cleaning Services specializes in the cleaning and maintenance of vacation rentals. We are here to do the job you can’t do.

We will make your rental property always gleaming and ready to receive new visitors. Our team enjoy spotless every space in your home the first time and maintaining our cleaning standards during the season.

The cleanliness and details in your home are important for us, because we understand that you want your guest to come back and leave good reviews for your business to grow. Also, we aim for your guests to arrive and be fascinated with the presentation.



Condominium Cleaning Services

Do you need a Chicago condominium cleaning company that offers quality, reliable service before or after a guest’s stay? We offer affordable cleaning services to suit your needs.

If you require a professional cleaning service that not only has experience cleaning rentals, but also offers a personal touch to provide an outstanding presentation to your guest, you can count on Insta Cleaning Services.

Our condominium cleaning services include several services such as:

-Soil trapping.
-Dust cleaning services
-Bathroom cleaning
-Cleaning of the kitchen

Vacation Rental Cleaning

Insta Cleaning guarantees you a quick and efficient cleaning both before your guest’s arrival and after your departure. We offer a professional cleaning service for your vacation home throughout the Chicago area, look no further!

We are aware that your vacation home can be rented well in advance (weeks or months), so we promise to be punctual with our recurring cleaning services. We will do a complete job during the rotation between check-out and check-in, so, feel calm knowing that we will take good care of your home and so that your guests leave good reviews of your stay on the property.

In only 60 seconds, can schedule your rental cleaning at an affordable price.

The Benefits of hiring us for cleaning rentals


We have strict reliability standards for all Homekeepers.


Easily book online in as little as 60 seconds.


Through our platform you can customize the list of things to clean in your rental property, so that the cleaners leave the house the way you want.


Our rental cleaning services fit your budget.

You need reliable cleaning equipment for your tenants to live the best experience in your rental property.

Why not work with a cleaning company that has rental cleaning experience?

We offer cleaning services for rental properties!

You as a Chicago landlord and property manager need to have the peace of mind that your rental property has the best shape for new tenants. On the other hand, your tenants need to make sure the house is clean when they leave (so they get their deposit back!). Take care to offer a good service of attention to your next tenants and in getting more bookings, we will take care of the dirty work with the cleaning of your vacation rental.

We are pleased to be able to offer rental cleaning services at affordable and reliable prices. Set a cleaning schedule that is convenient for you and your tenants.


  • Sweep and mop floors.
  • Clean toilets.
  • Vacuum Carpets.
  • Dusting.
  • Clean Mirrors.
  • Take out the trash.
  • Stove Cleaning.
  • Wipe Countertops.
  • Make Beds.

Short-term rental cleaning

Experienced in short-term rental cleaning in Chicago. We understand the expectations of guests and owners, as well as the high quality cleaning we need to provide, our main goal is to make your home look perfectly clean so you can get excellent reviews. Our prices are based on the size of the properties for rent. We offer free quotes, call us today to arrange a no-obligation appointment.


How much does it cost to clean a vacation rental?

Professional vacation rental cleaning services may charge up to $350/per cleaning in some places, but the cost will depend on demand, the type of cleaning requested by the landlord if it is regular or a deep cleaning. It depends on the demand, the quality of cleaning required by guests of the property and the cost of living in a given area.

Do you offer cleaning services for rental properties with Airbnb?

Yes, of course we offer a cleaning service for owners who rent their properties through Airbnb, this service is available 7 days a week and at any time. If you need a cleaning service for the same day or the next day we are at your disposal.

How can I share my Airbnb calendar with the cleaning company?

To share the calendar follow these steps:

Go to the export function of your Airbnb calendar to consult it in any external calendar that is compatible with the iCal format.

To do so, you’ll need to follow these steps:

Log in to, go to Host and select Available
Click Availability Settings on your calendar.
In the Sync calendars section, select Export calendar
Copy and paste the link to the Airbnb calendar into your iCal compatible application.

How do I clean my Airbnb?

For any owner of vacation rental properties or Airbnb listing, cleanliness is important and translates into comfort and satisfaction for the guest.

Cleaning your rental apartment is something you should never omit. You must keep it impeccable for anyone who wants to use it.

Hire a cleaning services company to handle dust hunting, clean the kitchen, clean bathrooms, Remove the trash, Remove hair everywhere, Keep linen clean, Mop and Clean watermarks and fingerprints from metallic surfaces.

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